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Our Simple Soap Promise
Handmade Natural Products

At Gertie's we promise to use only honest, natural ingredients in our products. Using natural wholesome ingredients may be a bit more expensive, but we believe that our bodies are worth it!  We are passionate about natural skincare and encourage you to throw away your chemically-processed soap and give us a try!

"If I would not give it to my chldren and grandchildren, then I would never send it to you!"
-Terri Winkelman (Owner)
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Our Ingredients
It's simple!  What you put on your skin goes into your body!  Therefore, here at Gertie's, we don't want any unnecessary ingredients in our products.  All colors are naturally occurring from the ingredients used and all fragrance comes from pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.   We recommend that you use only good quality, natural soap on your skin and save all those swirly, colorful soaps for decoration!  Your body is worth it!